Tokyo Toy Guy Batman Toys Movie Poster

Here is another video clip from the extremely amazing TOKYO TOY GUY Movie that was done by our good friend Yuji Ueda, who lives in Dubai. For the documentary film he made, Yuji went all over the world to meet some of the most serious BATMAN Toy Collectors and in this clip we get to see when he went to New York City to visit CHIP KIDD.

The video shows some extremely Rare BATMAN Toys, Collectibles, and Original Comic Book Artwork. Speaking about the art, we get a chance to see some of the Japanese BATMAN Manga art that was drawn by Jiro Kuwata. Most of it never seen before and still unpublished. This was the inspiration for Chip Kidd’s book, “Bat-Manga!: The Secret History of Batman in Japan” (Pantheon 2008).


Tokyo Toy Guy Vintage Batman Toy Collector Movie Bangkok Bat-Cat Museum

This post is the very first major excerpt VIDEO (down below) we have from the TOKYO TOY GUY Documentary Film by our friend, and Director of the movie we should add, Yuji Ueda. Yes, this is the film you have heard about that focuses on different major BATMAN TOY COLLECTIONS from all over the world. It’s crazy cool!!

In this first clip we get to visit another good friend, and Asia’s top Batman collector, Mr.Somchay, at his BAT-CAT Toy Museum in Bangkok, Thailand.

This place is a total dreamland for Batman Fans and I seriously hope to get the chance to go there someday. But hey, here in Yuji’s video we get a totally wonderful tour of the building and all the super-cool vintage toys.
It’s also nice to see “BAT-CAT” speak and move. Please let me explain, ha ha! I’ve been “online friends” with him for many years and to get the chance to see him in real-life (moving and speaking ) is kinda neat. The only way I have known him is he’s a very nice guy and really loves the character, very cool.

Also, Please stay tuned to the CHIPKIDD.COM website because over the next few weeks we will start sharing different segments of the TOKYO TOY GUY Movie. We should also mention that the “New York” segment features an interview with Chip Kidd. Yes, he’s IN the film!

Look for them all coming soon. They will be featured in separate videos, one each for each different city: Manchester, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo & New York.



TOKYO TOY GUY is a brand-new documentary film covering the lives and super-obsessive toy collections of some of the biggest Vintage Batman Toy Collectors in the world, literally. The creator of the film, Yuji Ueda, just finished visiting the New York Comic Con for the first time. In this fun new video we get to see various coverage of all the Batman related items during the 4-day event.

It also features an exclusive interview with the BATMAN Comic Book Artist, David Finch and another one with the Marketing Manager from Mattel talking about their brand-new Batman Action Figure Toys for 2014! YES!! Enjoy the thrills and chills of the New York Comic Con 2013!

Oh yeah, we should mention that one of the people interviewed in the actual movie is Chip Kidd and he makes an extremely brief appearance in this promo video. (Thanks Yuji!)

Tokyo Toy Guy Chicago 2013 Wizard World Batman Toy Collector Movie

YES! WE’RE SOOOO EXCITED!! The VINTAGE BATMAN TOY COLLECTOR Documentary Movie, TOKYO TOY GUY, will be appearing this year at the 2013 Wizard World Convention in Chicago! The event takes place on August 8th (Thursday) and runs till Aug 11th, 2013.

The movie will show on Saturday, August 10th, at 6:45pm in Room #41.

To visit their website just CLICK HERE!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this Documentary Film we have embedded a video down below that explains the Documentary pretty well. Basically, there’s a film maker in Dubai named Yuji, who has flown to 5 countries, over 5 years, to interview some of the top-ranked Vintage BATMAN Toy Collectors in the world! One cool thing we need to mention is that one of those people are Chip Kidd. Yeah, we’re really honored he was in the movie, it’s really really cool! Yuji came to New York City and, for one day, totally invaded Chip’s NY Apartment, ha! If you’re a serious Batman Fan then you have to try and see this film when it appears anywhere near you. We’ll keep you updated about future releases because it will be going to other U.S. locations this year.


Moebius Model Kit - ADAM WEST Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series 2013 SDCC

Here’s a quick post to share this photo taken by Chip Kidd at the recent 2013 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) at the Moebius Models booth. Here is a prototype of what one of the Classic BATMAN TV Series Model Kits is going to look like. Yes, this is the ADAM WEST version of the character and we could NOT be more excited! You can look for this kit later this year… so stop drooling ;)

Tokyo Toy Guy Batman Collector Documentary Movie

Tokyo Toy Guy Batman Collector Documentary Film

Here’s a quick post to share some wonderful news concerning our friend Yuji and his movie, TOKYO TOY GUY. This is THE Documentary Film all about a few very serious Vintage Batman Toy Collectors from 5 major countries. He showed the film to a major audience last weekend at the 2013 MEFCC event. Those letters stand for “Middle East Film and Comic Con”. This is held every year in Dubai. For more info about that convention show, just CLICK HERE!

The good news is that the film was a major success! They even has an interview and discussion about the movie live on stage. Another cool thing is that, as an example of what Yuji was talking about, he brought the TOKYO TOY GUY Movie Poster and a copy of Chip Kidd’s book, “Batman Collected” as examples. He told the audience how this book was a major inspiration for the movie and as a side-note we should mention that Chip Kidd and his Vintage Batman Toy Collection actually appear in the movie.

OK, the film has not been released in the USA yet. Yuji said he is working on “foreign distribution”. But as soon as we have more information about that we will mention it here for sure so please stay tuned to CHIPKIDD.COM, thanks!

MEFCC 2013 Middle East Film and Comic Con

Hake's Auction Chip Kidd Collection Vintage Batman Toys

We thought it would be a good idea to mention that Chip Kidd has teamed-up with HAKE’S AMERICANA & COLLECTIBLES to weed-out a few Rare Batman items from his massive Vintage Toy & Memorabilia collection. The auction company even created a special page called, the “Chip Kidd Collection”. Right now, as we speak, there are about 8 items up for grabs. We should mention that bidding ends on March 21, 2013. There are even some “Adam West” Autographed items and some wonderful Animation Cels.

I posted some pics here of my 2 favorite items. One is an Vintage 1960′s BATMAN Inflatable Swimming Pool Toy that is ultra super-rare and also a really great display piece ( see photo up above). I mean, just look at the shape of this thing and the amazing retro-style graphics!

Hakes Auction Chip Kidd Bat-Manga Batman Japanese Toy Collection

Then, for the JAPANESE BAT-MANGA FANS, they’re also offering a Vintage 1960′s BATMAN Record Album made in Japan. This thing is beautiful and has incredible graphics all over it: front/back/inside, and even has a colored-vinyl record. Very cool!! For more pics of this thing please be sure to visit their website.

Actually, there are too many neat items to list so please be sure to visit HAKE’S AMERICANA for more details.

Tokyo Toy Guy Vintage Batman Toy Collector Chip Kidd

If you have been reading this awesome website for a few weeks then you might remember a blog post we did awhile back where we mention a documentary called, “TOKYO TOY GUY”. You can see that post by clicking right HERE. Anyway, TOKYO TOY GUY is a brand-new film being created by our friend Yuji and it’s all about Vintage Batman Toys. Yuji spent five years traveling all around the world to speak with major Batman Toy Collectors. The fun thing is that Yuji came to New York City where he talked with Chip Kidd. Up above is a film still showing Chip talking about his collection. Then, down below, is the brand-new movie trailer which features some new footage and we also get a chance to see some of the other people that will appear in the movie. We’re really excited about this and can’t wait to see it. The movie has a new release date around December 2012. Stay tuned to CHIPKIDD.COM and as soon as we have more info, then so will you!


Tokyo Toy Guy Japanese Batman Toys and Memorabilia Movie

Tokyo Toy Guy Japanese Batman Toys and Memorabilia Movie


Check out this AWESOME Movie Poster & Teaser Trailer Video ( down below ) for TOKYO TOY GUY, The BATMAN Toys and Memorabilia Collector Movie!! Yes, this is a film our Good friend Yuji Ueda has been working on for over 5 years. He traveled to 6 different Countries around the World to focus his video camera on some of the most major Batman Toy Collections in the world!! Now, not to brag or anything, but Chip Kidd makes an appearance in this film. Yuji traveled to the United States and made a special visit to Chip Kidd’s New York City Apartment. While there, he filmed a few super-rare Batman Toys that will appear in the film!

Seriously, this Documentary Movie will completely torture every serious Vintage Toy Collector out there because it has some of the most amazing, and super-rare, museum-quality stuff that you will probably ONLY ever EVER see in this film!

It’s still in post-production right now but please be sure to look for it to appear around November 2012. Also, please stay tuned to the CHIPKIDD.COM website because as soon as we have more information we will pass it along. Yes, we’re seriously excited about seeing this movie!!!