Alfred A. Knopf Book Publisher Photo

Here’s a quick post that was created just so we can share this totally awesome vintage 1920′s photograph we stumbled across online that shows the Publisher, Alfred A. Knopf, and his wife, Blanche.

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 1

Here’s a quick post to share the amazing photography of an Artist named THOMAS ALLEN. What he does is he takes old pulp novels & found vintage books and he cuts them up to create these wonderful 3D “re-constructions”. Think of it like a form of recycling or re-purposing. He gives these old books a new life in a very fun & clever way.

Anyways, just check out the photos here, you’ll see what I mean. His ART is so cool and it’s always fun to look at. To see more of Allen’s artwork please be sure to visit his website, just CLICK HERE! One last thing, if you visit, prepare to start drooling.

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 2

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 3

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 4

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

A collaborative series with photographer Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist Bill Turpin that pays tribute to Charles Burns for his artwork as seen in the Graphic Novel Book, BLACK HOLE.


Levitation Photography Japanese Artist 1

Levitation Photography Japanese Artist 2

Levitation Photography Japanese Artist 3

OK, here’s a pretty cool “photo trick” you can do with your Digital Camera ( or any camera for that matter ) that will create some interesting shots. It’s called, “Levitation Photography”. Basically you just try to capture your model as they are jumping in mid-air. The main thing for your Model to consider is to try to look very casual as they reach the high point of their jump. The finished photo creates the illusion that they are “flying” or “floating in air”.

Check out this recent video from Kia over at DigitalRev TV. He tries this technique with some success. The real trick is to take many photos & hope for that one fun accident where everything just works out, ha ha! Also, Kia was inspired by an Artist named Natsumi who has a Photography Blog called YOWAYOWA CAMERA WOMAN DIARY. We have shown a few of her photos here but please be sure to check out her website for some major inspiration!