Vintage Magazine Issue 4 McNally Jackson Bookstore NYC, NY

Come join the official launch of Vintage Magazine, Issue #4, at the McNally Jackson Bookstore in New York City on October 14th, at 7:00 pm!

Award-winning Vintage Magazine-actualizing the creative possibilities of print as you've never seen it done before-is back with its Quatri me issue, featuring Gary Giddins on the obscure works of author W.R. Burnett; Lisa Birnbach on how the home library is really done; and Chip Kidd paying homage to linoleum (we're not Kidding).

To mark the launch of issue 4, join Chip Kidd, Lisa Birnbach, and Gary Giddins for an evening of reading and discussion–about the craft that goes into the magazine’s pages, and the place of the print magazine in today’s digitized climate.

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McNally Jackson
52 Prince Street
NYC, New York

Chip Kidd Design Cover Vintage Magazine

4th Issue of Vintage Magazine with Chip Kidd Cover

Here’s some exciting news! The Quatri me Issue of VINTAGE MAGAZINE is in stores right now! No, really, it just hit the newsstands so please be sure to get your copy today. Oh, in case you’re wondering what “Quatri me” means it’s the French word for “Forth”, meaning the 4th issue (Don’t worry, I didn’t know what that word meant either, ha!).

Anyways, it’s loaded with a ton of great stories and we’re also pretty proud to say that Chip Kidd designed the exclusive cover. One aspect of the cover’s design that is kinda fun is that there are a few pieces to it that pop-up. The second photo up above should give you an idea. On the back of each piece is a sample of old vintage 1940′s linoleum tile. It’s the cool retro stuff you don’t see much of anymore and an homage to architectural design.

The topics covered in this issue include:
The Mysterious Obscurity of W.R. Burnett, Living With Books (written by Lisa Birnbach!), Interior Monologues: The Designing Life of Elsie de Wolfe, Bed Jackets: The Reveal, Chez The Novogratz, Man Ray – Marcel and Marilyn, Artist in Residence: Joseph Cornell, Victorian Dollhouses in L.A., A Tanzanian Education, A Walk Through Wytham, An Aga Saga, and The Vanishing Dining Room.

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McNally Jackson Bookstore Chip Kidd Lisa Birnbach
We also need to mention that Chip Kidd, Gary Giddins, and Lisa Birnbach will all be present for a signing at the McNally Jackson on Prince Street in new York City on October 14th. We will post more news about the event once it gets closer but if you would like more info now then please visit their site, CLICK HERE!

radio interview lisa birnbach chip kidd true prep book

Fans of Preppy Fashion and good books will love this news. Lisa Birnbach and Chip Kidd were recently interviewed about their new book, TRUE PREP. They appeared on FOCUS GROUP RADIO with John Nash. The interview is very entertaining and also gives us a look into how this book came about plus the creative process of dealing with so much material in such a short time. So, please give the interview a listen, we embedded it down below:

FOCUS GROUP RADIO is hosted by Tim Bennett and John Nash. This excellent program appears every Saturday morning LIVE at 11am EST, with a replay on Sunday's at 10am. The Call Letters are SiriusXM OutQ 108 and you can get more information about their programming by clicking right HERE!

David Rakoff Half Empty Chip Kidd True Prep Book

David Rakoff, recipient of two Lambda Book Awards for Humor, insists that optimism is an irresponsible fad in his book “Half Empty.” Meanwhile, author of “The Official Preppy Handbook,” Lisa Birnbach and book jacket designer and novelist Chip Kidd team up with hilarious results to bring you “True Prep.” This lecture was presented by the Boston Book Festival and recorded on 10/16/10.


RIP Author David Rakoff