Jurassic World 4 Movie Trailer Logo

This is just a quick post to share some really fun movie news. Universal Pictures recently announced last evening that “Jurassic Park 4″ is going to be called “Jurassic World” and it will hit theaters on June 12th, 2015. We wanted to mention it here because most fans of the designer Chip Kidd know that he designed the famous logo for the first movie and it keeps getting used for all the sequels. Up above is an example of the “Jurassic World” logo for the next film.

Now, check out this pitch trailer for the film. Take it for what it is, merely a pitch trailer and not an actual trailer. Producer Frank Marshall clarified via Twitter that the scene featured is “not part of the movie.”


Jurassic Park Logo T-Shirt Chip Kidd Target Store

OK Everybody! This is just a quick post for fun but we wanted to mention that your friendly neighborhood Target Store is selling a retro-style T-Shirt with the “Jurassic Park” Movie Logo that was created by Chip Kidd. Hey, we’re NOT trying to brag here, ha ha, but it is kinda cool!

Jurassic Park 3D Movie Poster Dinosaur Chip Kidd Logo

Since this website is Chip Kidd’s Official Blog we knew we totally have to mention that Universal Pictures is going to be re-releasing the Classic JURASSIC PARK Movie ( Directed by Steven Spielberg ) soon and it will be in 3D!! The Release Date is set for April 5th, 2013. Yes, here’s a chance to view this film on the big screen again but this time the Dinosaurs will be jumping out at you, literally! Up above is the One-Sheet Movie Poster ( that features the JP Logo designed by Chip Kidd ). Then, please be sure to view the video of the new movie trailer we placed here, down below.



Also, as a special treat, here is Chip Kidd’s original artwork for the Michael Crichton Book Jacket Cover, which later became the logo for the movie. Wow, we can’t wait to see this film again!!

Jurassic Park Movie Logo Chip Kidd Dinosaur

Fans of the Designer Chip Kidd know he is famous for creating, among other things, the Jurassic Park Book Cover that eventually became the logo for the movie. Yes, we all love the famous Dinosaur silhouette that has graced many film tie-in products. Well, here are a few parodies of that logo we thought we would share and it’s crazy how much variety there is!

Oh yeah, this last photo is not really a “parody” picture but it’s an actual real-life tattoo that somebody got…WOW!

HUMANS INVENT, a website set in the UK who’s main focus is Innovation, Craftsmanship, & Design; recently published a very interesting article on Chip Kidd. The interview was conducted by Reporter Leo Kent. He & Chip discuss important matters concerning the design of a book’s cover. How important is it to selling a book? Plus, what are some of the Graphic Design ideas to think about when creating a Book Jacket? Overall a very excellent discussion, Thanks Leo and Thank you Humans Invent! Readers, to view the full-story please CLICK HERE!

Just to clarify, Chip Kidd is known for creating the famous JURASSIC PARK Logo when he designed Michael Crichton’s Classic Book back in 1990. Since then it has shown up in popular culture in many different ways. Plus, it’s always interesting to see where it pops-up next!

Here is a wonderful heartwarming story. A Father, making a Sand Box for his Children, decided to give them something to find while digging. He knew he needed to place a small layer of cement in the bottom of the Sand Box he was building so that the tree’s roots near by would not grow up inside it. So, instead of just a flat surface he decided to get really creative. He thought he would give them something to discover! Check out the photos down below… it’s very cool! Plus, what a great Dad!

Probably one of the most well known things that Chip Kidd has designed is the logo for Michael Crichton’s JURASSIC PARK book. Well, mostly because it became the logo for the movie which was a major hit. Since then, it has become a part of Pop Culture. So a s part of an ongoing series of posts we thought it would be fun to share these crazy moments where it has popped-up in some very weird places.

First, Here is a Rambo-Style Dinosaur wearing the JP Logo T-Shirt, ha ha! Next up is a wonderful comic strip by Mark Monlux at the COMICCRITIC.COM. Then we have some Artist Custom-Designed Adidas Shoe Sneakers. And last, but not least, an actual appearance on THE SIMPSONS Classic TV Cartoon!


They say that “Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery”, so I thought this would be a fun idea for a post. Chip Kidd is pretty well known for creating the logo used for Steven Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK Movie. Well, actually he had first designed it for the Book Cover to Michael Crichton’s novel that the film was based on and then Universal Pictures optioned it for the use as their Official Movie Logo, cool! It was a big part of the movie, not only for Advertising, Billboards, Movie Posters, etc… but it was also featured prominently IN the movie because it was the “Logo for the Dinosaur Theme Park” and they kind of made a point about the evils of mass-marketing ( Lunch Boxes, T-Shirts, Mugs, etc. ). Anyway, the rest is history and this classic logo has become sort of iconic. So much so, that there have been a million parodies! Here are just a few… for laughs, ha ha! Enjoy.