Chip Kidd Book Cover Designer Interview

This post is a quick shout out to REAL TALK Publishing to thank them for writing a wonderful article on Chip Kidd. It’s actually a 3-part interview and they now have all three sections posted for your reading pleasure, ha ha! OK, all kidding aside, it’s a very well thought-out piece with a ton of clever questions. It was a jot to do. You can read PART ONE by clicking right HERE!

Seattle Arts 2014 Chip Kidd Chris Ware Lecture Poster

Advance tickets for this event are SOLD OUT. Stand-by tickets will be available at the door starting at 7:15pm.

Chip Kidd is a renowned graphic designer and associate art director at Alfred A. Knopf, lauded for revolutionizing book design, and for his iconic illustrations such as the T. rex image he designed for Jurassic Park.

Chris Ware is a comic-book artist and cartoonist, notable for his Acme Novelty Library series (published by Fantagraphics Books) and the graphic novels Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth, and last year's Eisner Award Winning Graphic Novel, Building Stories.

Presented by: Seattle Arts & Lectures as part of its Literary/Arts Series.
Tickets: Season subscriptions are on sale now.Single tickets are $15 general/$50 Grand Patron/$35 Patron/$5 students, at 206/621-2230, or at the door.

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Design Matters with Debbie Millman Shepard Fairey Art Artist Podcast Interview

Debbie Millman is the president of the design division at Sterling Brands. She is also President Emeritus of AIGA, a contributing editor to Print Magazine, and chair of the School of Visual Arts’ master’s program in Branding. In 2005, she began hosting the podcast show, DESIGN MATTERS.

In a recent "Design Matters" broadcast, Debbie interviewed Shepard Fairey. He is a designer, illustrator and author of Supply and Demand: The Art of Shepard Fairey and Shepard Fairey: Post No Bills. He created the ultra-iconic Barrack Obama “Hope” Campaign Poster but is mostly known as a graphic designer for his image of “Obey Giant” (pictured in the graphic up above, on the lower far-left side). He’s a street artist, ex-skateboard punker, and a rebel.
Here is their discussion down below, enjoy:


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THE AGE - CHIP KIDD GO A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design Book

THE AGE, one of the very best independent newspapers in Melbourne, Australia, just published a book review/interview they had with Chip Kidd. It appeared on their “Entertainment” page and the main focus was Chip’s new book, “GO! A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design” (Workman Publishing). The article was conducted by the reporter, Ray Edgar, and we have to say that he must have researched everything like crazy! I mean, the piece is extremely well-written. Thanks Ray, Good Job!


Last November, 2013, Designer Chip Kidd gave a private lecture at Brown University titled, “Creative Mind”. The cool thing was that they videotaped the event and have posted it online. Excellent, that’s so awesome! So, here it is… enjoy. Oh yeah, and THANK YOU to Brown University for such a great time. You guys TOTALLY ROCK… Seriously!

One last thing, if YOU, or your organization, would like to book Chip Kidd as a Speaker at your event then please be sure to visit the Official RANDOM HOUSE SPEAKERS BUREAU, just CLICK HERE!

Maria Popova DESIGN MATTERS with Debbie Millman Podcast

Maria Popova is the editor of BRAIN PICKINGS, an inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness and curiosity, bringing you things you didn't know you were interested in - until you are. She has also written for Wired UK, The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Nieman Journalism Lab, among others, and is an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow.

In this audio interview with Debbie Millman, Maria discusses growing up in Bulgaria, her grandmother following her google alerts, problems with public space in Los Angeles, the evolution of @brainpicker, curation and pattern recognition, and inventing the Curator’s Code.

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Here’s the “Maria Popova” interview, check it out:


Vintage Magazine Ivy Baer Sherman Chip Kidd Cover

Over at the PSFK website one of their reporters, Plus Aziz, just wrote an excellent piece on the current issue of Vintage Magazine. The article also includes an interview with Vintage Magazine's editor & founder, Ivy Baer Sherman. They discuss the invention of the publication and also talk about the fact that the current issue has a cover designed by Chip Kidd, which is in stores now.

You can read the article if you CLICK HERE!

Vintage Magaine Chip Kidd Cover


This post is in response to an interview Chip Kidd recently had with Debbie Millman over at the DESIGN MATTERS Podcast. This video shows a skit that was done on Saturday Night Live (SNL) last year and it was brought up in the discussion. If you missed this interview you can check it out by clicking RIGHT HERE. It’s really great so please go give it listen!

Design Matters with Debbie Millman Chip Kidd GO Graphic Design Book

Debbie Millman, the extremely brilliant and ultra-beautiful host of the DESIGN MATTERS podcast, that is a major part of the DESIGN OBSERVER website, recently interviewed Chip Kidd about many many things: His experience with his now popular TED Talk, what it was like to kiss Neil Gaiman on stage at the last San Diego Comic Con, his life-long appreciation of the comic book character BATMAN and much much more.

But, the main focus of the interview is the creation of Chip’s latest book, “GO! A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design” (Workman Publishing). Debbie asked some really great questions that were very thought-provoking and together they cover a ton of design-related topics.

About her, DEBBIE MILLMAN is the president of the design division at Sterling Brands. She is also President Emeritus of AIGA, a contributing editor to Print Magazine, and chair of the School of Visual Arts’ master’s program in Branding. In 2005, she began hosting the podcast show, DESIGN MATTERS. She also has a brand-new book titled, “Self Portrait as Your Traitor” (HOW Books) which is coming out in November, 2013.

To HEAR MORE talks with innovative thinkers and designers just click here: DESIGN MATTERS WITH DEBBIE MILLMAN.

Also, Here is the discussion down below, enjoy:


Chip Kidd GO A Kidd's Guide To Graphic Design Book

Natalie Shure is both a writer and reporter for a very excellent website called METRO. Recently she conducted an interview with Designer Chip Kidd about his brand-new book titled, “GO! A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design” (published by Workman) and it’s available for reading online right now! In her article she asks Chip Kidd about the complexity of both writing and designing a book that is geared towards teaching the concept of “Graphic Design” to children. What are some of the issues and solutions? She did a great job on it. Also, you can read it for free right now by clicking HERE!