Hake's Auction Chip Kidd Collection Vintage Batman Toys

We thought it would be a good idea to mention that Chip Kidd has teamed-up with HAKE’S AMERICANA & COLLECTIBLES to weed-out a few Rare Batman items from his massive Vintage Toy & Memorabilia collection. The auction company even created a special page called, the “Chip Kidd Collection”. Right now, as we speak, there are about 8 items up for grabs. We should mention that bidding ends on March 21, 2013. There are even some “Adam West” Autographed items and some wonderful Animation Cels.

I posted some pics here of my 2 favorite items. One is an Vintage 1960′s BATMAN Inflatable Swimming Pool Toy that is ultra super-rare and also a really great display piece ( see photo up above). I mean, just look at the shape of this thing and the amazing retro-style graphics!

Hakes Auction Chip Kidd Bat-Manga Batman Japanese Toy Collection

Then, for the JAPANESE BAT-MANGA FANS, they’re also offering a Vintage 1960′s BATMAN Record Album made in Japan. This thing is beautiful and has incredible graphics all over it: front/back/inside, and even has a colored-vinyl record. Very cool!! For more pics of this thing please be sure to visit their website.

Actually, there are too many neat items to list so please be sure to visit HAKE’S AMERICANA for more details.