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Marc Kleinhenz, a Writer/Reporter over at the Huffington Post BOOKS BLOG, has been writing a very excellent on-going article series titled “Creating the Bat”. Basically, he interviews many Artists and Writers who have worked on the Batman character over the years. In “Creating the Bat # 9″ he talked with the Comic Book creator Dave Taylor. Dave, as you should know, was the official artist for the Batman graphic Novel, Batman: Death By Design (DC Comics), which was written by Chip Kidd.

Marc threw some very though-provoking questions out at Dave Taylor and his answers are both insightful and clever. Seriously, it’s a great article! So, if you’re a fan of THE BAT-MAN then please check it out, just CLICK HERE!

Architizer Chip Kidd Batman Death By Design Book Review

Over at the always amazing ARCHITIZER website Samuel Medina just posted a book review about Chip Kidd’s Graphic Novel, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN (DC Comics). The website’s main focus is on the latest trends of Modern Architecture so they have a very interesting angle on this book. We love how they focused on Dave Taylor’s artwork as well. Plus, may we also suggest that while you’re there, go look at some of the incredible home design eye-candy. Seriously, very cool stuff, you’ll drool for days!

You can read the review by clicking HERE!


Batman Death By Design Chip Kidd Book Bauwerke Des Todes German

Here’s some comic book publishing news that is way too cool NOT to mention. It looks like the Graphic Novel Book, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN (DC Comics) has been translated into a “Foreign” German-Language version for the Germany book market. The only main difference I can see is that the title has been changed to “Bauwerke des Todes” which, when translated into English, means “Structures of Death” …cool!!

BATMAN DEATH BY DESIGN Universe Podcast Book Review Chip Kidd

Here’s some really exciting news! Over at the Batman Universe Podcast they recently picked-apart the BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN (DC Comics) Graphic Novel Book written by Chip Kidd and illustrated by Dave Taylor. Hey, we embedded it down below so you can hear for yourself what Ed, Donovan, Stella and Kristina all said. (Thanks Guys)


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Pantheon Books Graffic Novel Book Publishing - New Logo

Here’s a quick post to share this example of some cool graphic design created by Chip Kidd. He recently redesigned the PANTHEON GRAPHIC NOVELS Logo for a trade show banner they needed for the recent 2013 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and we have to admit that it looks pretty damn good!

BATMAN DEATH BY DESIGN Poster Dave Taylor Art Chip Kidd

Here’s a cool piece of Graphic Art History! Dave Taylor, the Artist who drew Chip Kidd’s first DC Comics’ Graphic Novel, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN, created this Promo Poster for the book which never got made. It was actually more like a prototype showing what the book COULD look like. Of course it has his “raw graphite pencil sketch” look, which did make it into the book and was also a great style for the story. So, that’s cool! Hey DC Comics, if you’re reading this you need to make this a poster for sale!!

You can see more of Dave Taylor’s ART if you CLICK HERE!


The Art of BATMAN DEATH BY DESIGN Graphic Novel Book DC Comics

OK, I hope the picture up above is not misleading, ha! I mean, this is NOT a new book about “The Art of Batman: Death By Design”, ha ha! It’s a graphic designed to present a wonderful video created by Bernard Hill who seems to really like the Batman Graphic Novel created by Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN (DC Comics). It’s one of those “Book Trailers” where they browse through the book and give you an idea of it’s contents. It’s pretty well made and we think it really does showcase Dave Taylor’s amazing artwork really well. So, please check it out! (Thanks Bernard!)


Anne Ishii Chip Kidd 2013 SDCC Booth #1920 CBLDF

Hey! We have a bunch of abbreviations here so please let us explain that real quick, ha! First, SDCC is the “San Diego Comic Con”, which starts on July 18th (Thursday) and runs until Sunday. Then, the CBLDF is the “Comic Book legal Defense Fund”. They’re a non-profit group that helps support Comic Book Retailers and Creators. They also work to SAVE FREE SPEECH. Whew!

OK, the good news is that the Book Designer Chip Kidd will be appearing at the 2013 SDCC with the lovely Japanese Translator Anne Ishii. They will be making multiple appearances, both separate and together, at different times of the event. Also, Chip Kidd will mainly be appearing to sign available copies of Batman: Death by Design, Neil Gaiman's Make Good Art, and The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame.

So far the schedule looks like this:

THURSDAY – Chip Kidd will be signing books at the CBLDF Booth (#1920) at 5:00pm.

FRIDAY – Chip Kidd will appear with Anne Ishii for a Lecture and Book Signing at 12:00pm.

SATURDAY- Anne Ishii will have a performance at 12:00pm.

Of course the CBLDF will have many other Creatives, Authors, Writers, Cartoonists, and other Artists as well. For more information and a complete list of events, please CLICK HERE!

CBLDF Comic Book Legal Defense Fund 2013 SDCC

Batman Death By Design New York Times Bestseller List DC Comics

Batman Death By Design Chip Kidd Dave Taylor Graphic Novel

Here’s a quick post to share some awesome news for Batman Fans and DC Comics, Chip Kidd, & Dave Taylor. The Graphic Novel, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN has made the New York Times Bestseller List… again! Yes! This time it makes the list as a Trade Paperback Edition. It came in on the list at #8, WOO HOO! Let’s hope it just keeps climbing, ha!

Here are some Amazon links for both of the Hardcover and Paperback versions:

Batman Death By Design DC Comics Graphic Novel Book Chip Kidd Dave Taylor

I thought this would be a good idea for a post, just posting some of the many book review videos that have been done for Chip Kidd’s Graphic Novel, BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN (DC Comics). The interesting thing about “video reviews” is that, since the format is so visual, the reviewers can also focus quite well on the amazing artwork of Dave Taylor. Besides the compelling storyline, the book’s other main interest is that the art is also a very enjoyable part of the book. So, this is really cool. Thanks to everybody who took the time to create these videos.

As a side note:

One of the videos (the 4th one) is an “Audio Only” Interview with Chip Kidd that was done BEFORE the book came out. So, in contrast to the other ones, which were obviously done by readers of the actual book, it’s kind of interesting. Hey, here they are… please enjoy.