wacom cintiq 21UX graphic tablet
Are you a serious Graphic Designer? OK then, get ready to cry your eye out!! Here are two interesting videos we came across on YouTube demonstrating the WACOM CINTIQ 21UX Graphic Tablet. The 1st clip is sort an official “TV Commercial” from the Wacom Company. The 2nd one is a real-life Actual User of the product showing the un-boxing & some great examples of using it. Oh man, I want one of these really really bad!! Plus, I think I need a cold stiff drink right now… and a good cry. I guess we should note that Wacom has since come out with a larger “24″ version and this is the machine from a few years ago. But I think it’s usually best to buy “last year’s stuff” because it’s then that the price goes down a lot. Hey, did I mention I want one of these real bad? Ha!

Here’s a link on where to buy one of these and more information too, just CLICK HERE!