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MAY 30 – JULY 26, 2013

Adam Baumgold Gallery presents an exhibition of portraits by Charles Burns that were published on the cover of The Believer magazine between 2003 and 2013. Using ink on paper in a strict 6 by 6 inch format, Burns creates endless variations of texture, lighting, and composition. His stark, black line offers a distinctive take on the tradition of portrait drawing. Over 300 drawings of artists, writers, musicians, animals, comic characters, and historical figures will be included.

Alongside this vast series of Believer portraits is a group of Before & After drawings from Charles Burns's seminal graphic novel Black Hole. In these comic grotesque portraits, themes of adolescent alienation and sexual awakening mingle with imagery of mutation, disease, and violence. Each smiling, yearbook-style portrait is accompanied by a Dorian Gray-like counterpart, picturing the same teenager with some troubling facial alteration.

Charles Burns’s drawings first reached a wider audience through the legendary comics magazine Raw in the 1980s. His graphic novel classic Black Hole, 2005 received the Harvey award. Other earlier cult classics by Burns include El Borbah, Big Baby, and Skin Deep, among others. Burns's drawings have appeared on the covers and in the pages of Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and many other publications, as well as on the album covers of Iggy Pop and others. His work was the subject of a solo exhibition Charles Burns at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, and was included in the exhibition Disparities and Deformations: Our Grotesque at the SITE Santa Fe Biennial 2004 curated by Robert Storr. Burns's forthcoming graphic novel Sugar Skull (Pantheon, 2014) will complete the trilogy of books that include X'ed Out and The Hive-a dreamlike narrative and homage to Tintin and other art that Burns admires. A retrospective of Charles Burns work was exhibited at Museum M in Leuven, Belgium in 2011-2012. Charles Burns lives and works in Philadelphia.

Gallery hours are Tues. through Sat. 11:00 – 5:30 P.M through June, and Tues. – Fri. during July. A preview of the exhibition can be seen by clicking RIGHT HERE! When you get there, click on “Exhibition Schedule” on the top left-hand side of the page. Also, their website shows all the art work at the event and there is way too much to show here. In fact, we sort of limited what we are showing here as “Portraits of Book Authors”, but there are many Movie Actors and other celebrities, a HUGE variety!


Charles Burns Portrait Art Daniel ClowesDaniel Clowes

Charles Burns Portrait Art David SedarisDavid Sedaris

Charles Burns Portrait Art Orhan PamukOrhan Pamuk

Charles Burns Portrait Art Jennifer EganJennifer Egan

Charles Burns Portrait Art Gary PanterGary Panter

Charles Burns Portrait Art Salman RushdieSalman Rushdie

Charles Burns Portrait Art Zadie SmithZadie Smith

Charles Burns Portrait Art Steve MartinSteve Martin

Charles Burns Portrait Art Frank HerbertFrank Herbert

Charles Burns THE HIVE Graphic Novel Book Podcast Interview Pantheon Books

Over at THE CASUAL OPTIMIST Website they recently put-up a blog posting of a wonderful Podcast Interview with Cartoonist Charles Burns as he discusses his new Graphic Novel Book, THE HIVE (Pantheon), with Michael Silverblatt of KCRW’s THE BOOKWORM. We have provided a link, right HERE, that you can click on to go give it a listen. Hey! It’s almost 30 minutes of total craziness as Charles Burns talks about his art & story process.

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

Charles Burns BLACKHOLE Graphic Novel Book Art Artwork

A collaborative series with photographer Max Oppenheim and prosthetic artist Bill Turpin that pays tribute to Charles Burns for his artwork as seen in the Graphic Novel Book, BLACK HOLE.


Best Graphic Novel Books of 2012 Review  List

Since it’s the end of the year we’re seeing a lot more focus now on “The Best Books of 2012″ and over at the MULTIVERSITY COMICS website we’re very proud to say that 2 books published by Pantheon made the “Graphic Novels” list! We’re talking about Charles Burns’ THE HIVE and Chris Wares’ BUILDING STORIES. To check out their complete list of books that they’re talking about just CLICK HERE!

McNally Jackson Bookstore NYC NY Chris Ware Chip Kidd Charles Burns

Here’s a fun photo I knew we had to share. In New York City there’s this really great independent Bookstore called McNally Jackson. If you live in or near New York then you need to give them a visit. It’s a really cool place. They’re located at 52 Prince Street, between Lafayette & Mulberry.

Anyways, around the holiday season they always do this very smart thing in their store where they create Table Displays that feature “The Best of…Fiction, Romance, Mystery, etc.” Well, for their “Best Graphic Novels of 2012″ table they gave some special attention to a few books that Designer/Author Chip Kidd is associated with. Seriously, it’s a HUGE honor and we’re really proud of it.

The books we’re talking about are located at the top of the picture: BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN ( DC Comics, Written by Chip Kidd, Art by Dave Taylor ), BUILDING STORIES ( Pantheon Books, Story & Art by Chris Ware ), and THE HIVE ( Pantheon, Story & Art by Charles Burns ). Now, all the other books are really great too so it’s nice to be in such good company. Thank You McNally Jackson, you guys ROCK!!

For Store Location & Hours please visit their website, just CLICK HERE!

la ruche charles burns french the hive book cover graphic novel

Here’s a quick post to share some super-fun news that we’re also very proud of. Pantheon Books’ brand-new Graphic Novel Book by Charles Burns, THE HIVE, was released 2 months ago and it has already been picked up by a French Publisher & translated into French. Wow! How cool is that?!

But instead of “The Hive”, they call it, “La Ruche”. Also, Burns’ previous book in this trilogy, “X-ed Out”, also got the translation treatment & is simply titled, “Toxic”. You can see a photo of both books way down below. Oh yeah, this next photo is of the back cover to THE HIVE, I mean, La Ruche! (Awesome)

la ruche charles burns french the hive book back cover graphic novel

la ruche toxic charles burns french the hive book cover graphic novel

Charles Burns Interview THE HIVE Graphic Novel Book Review

CULT #MTL ( Montreal, Canada ) just posted an extremely intense interview with the Comic book Artist and Graphic Novelist, Charles Burns. Of course everything Mr. Burns does is intense, but this dialogue between him, and the Reporter Emily Raine, really gets into the nuts and bolts of creating comic books. They discuss Art Styles, Plot Points, the History of Comics and the inspiration/influence of Herge’s Tintin Books on this trilogy. Yes, it’s cool!

Please CLICK HERE to check out this awesome Interview with Charles Burns ( Thanks Emily! )

Charles Burns THE HIVE Graphic Novel Book Cover Pantheon

2012 Miami Book Fair Chip Kidd Charles Burns Chris Ware Pantheon

WOW, it’s November and you know what that means… it’s time again for the 2012 MIAMI BOOK FAIR!! Yes, this year they plan on having 468 Authors and a ton of Book Sellers & Publishers, it looks like another great event! Of course Pantheon Publishing will be there and they have a special event lined up to promote their new line of Graphic Novels. The event is located at the Center for Literature and Theatre at Miami Dade College (Florida). It opens on Nov. 11th and runs for one whole week, ending Nov. 18th. For more information, please CLICK HERE!

We should note that Chip Kidd, Charles Burns, and Chris Ware will appear together in a special lecture on Saturday, November 17th, at 3:30 p.m., in the Batten ( Building 2, 1st Floor, Room 2106 ). Of course they are there representing Pantheon Books and their main focus will be Chip Kidd’s New Book ROUGH JUSTICE: THE DC COMICS SKETCHES OF ALEX ROSS, Chris Ware’s award winning BUILDING STORIES and the latest awesome Graphic Novel by Charles Burns, THE HIVE. Oh wait, we also need to mention that this event is totally FREE!!

Pantheon Building Stories Chris Ware The Hive Charles Burns Rough Justice Chip Kidd

Biblioklept Book Review The Hive Charles Burns Pantheon Graphic Novel

Over at the BIBLIOKLEPT Blog Charles Burns’ latest Graphic Novel, THE HIVE, just received a really nice Book Review & we couldn’t be happier. Of course the artwork is incredible but we like how the Reviewer seems to focus more on the writing style of the story. It’s a clever article. THE HIVE is the second book of a three-part trilogy that is being published by Pantheon Books. So, please be sure to check out, just CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, they also wrote a Book Review for Charles Burns’ X-ED OUT too ( which is the first book in this series ). So please be sure to give that a quick read as well, thanks, CLICK HERE !!

KUOW NPR Radio Charles Burns THE HIVE Graphic Novel Book Interview

After you spend a few hours at CHIPKIDD.COM enjoying all the fun information & beautiful graphics you need to head over to the KUOW.ORG Website to listen to a very in-depth Podcast and entertaining interview with the ultra-talented Graphic Novelist, Charles Burns. This is Seattle’s NPR Radio ( 94.9 fm ) page and their Reporter, Steve Scher, shares a really great talk with Mr. Burns.

Charles Burns portrait The Hive Graphic Novel Book

The main focus of their talk is Charles Burns’ brand-new Graphic Novel titled, THE HIVE. This is the follow-up to Pantheon Books’ recent success, the X’ED OUT book. Actually, THE HIVE is the 2nd book in what will eventually be a “trilogy”. Now, we were not able to embed their podcast here but you can easily click this LINK and visit their website. Once there, you’ll want to click on the podcast button & listen. It’s located right under the Title of the Post & it’s a “blue arrow”. Please keep in mind that once you start it their 1st story covers a little bit of Politics, but that doesn’t last too long & then they really get into their talk with Burns. It’s really worth hearing & it’s also a REALLY GREAT INTERVIEW!