2013 Design Gift Guide Chip Kidd GO Book

The DESIGN BUREAU website is always sharing inspiring dialogue that revolves around art & design but lately they asked a few creative people to submit their ideas for a recent article titled, “2013 Design Gift Guide”. Chip Kidd was one of the Designers who submitted his list. He suggested a few great Hardcover Books, Vintage Magazine, Arts & Architecture Collection Website, a cool Pantone Messenger Bag and even a Membership to the Type Director’s Club, TDC.

The books featured there are BUILDING STORIES by Chris Ware, LOOK BOTH WAYS by Debbie Millman, and Neil Gaiman’s MAKE GOOD ART SPEECH.

You can also see all the other lists from different people by clicking RIGHT HERE.


Design Matters with Debbie Millman Chip Kidd GO Graphic Design Book

Debbie Millman, the extremely brilliant and ultra-beautiful host of the DESIGN MATTERS podcast, that is a major part of the DESIGN OBSERVER website, recently interviewed Chip Kidd about many many things: His experience with his now popular TED Talk, what it was like to kiss Neil Gaiman on stage at the last San Diego Comic Con, his life-long appreciation of the comic book character BATMAN and much much more.

But, the main focus of the interview is the creation of Chip’s latest book, “GO! A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design” (Workman Publishing). Debbie asked some really great questions that were very thought-provoking and together they cover a ton of design-related topics.

About her, DEBBIE MILLMAN is the president of the design division at Sterling Brands. She is also President Emeritus of AIGA, a contributing editor to Print Magazine, and chair of the School of Visual Arts’ master’s program in Branding. In 2005, she began hosting the podcast show, DESIGN MATTERS. She also has a brand-new book titled, “Self Portrait as Your Traitor” (HOW Books) which is coming out in November, 2013.

To HEAR MORE talks with innovative thinkers and designers just click here: DESIGN MATTERS WITH DEBBIE MILLMAN.

Also, Here is the discussion down below, enjoy:


Chris Ware's BUILDING STORIES Graphic Novel Book by Pantheon

At this year’s 2013 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Chris Ware was honored with four (Yes 4!) Eisner Awards for his brand-new Graphic Novel, BUILDING STORIES (Published by Pantheon). Here’s a photo of one of them, Congrats Chris… you honestly deserve this credit, great job!!


2013 SDCC Eisner Award Chris Ware Building Stories Book

2013 Eisner Awards Chris Ware BUILDING STORIES Graphic Novel Pantheon Book


WOW! This is insanely great news!! OK, we don’t mean to brag, but at this year’s 2013 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Chris Ware’s new Graphic Novel, BUILDING STORIES (Pantheon Books) won four 2013 Eisner Awards!!! Yes, FOUR! This is almost too good to be true and we are so proud of Chris Ware. His new Graphic Novel, also known as “The Book in a Box”, won in these categories: Best New Graphic Novel, Best Writer/Artist, Best Lettering and Best Publication Design.

We want to congratulate Chris Ware (and Pantheon Books) for their amazing success!

Pantheon Panels Graphic Novel Book Art Contest

Pantheon Books, a division of Random House who’s main focus are Graphic Novels, is having a “Fan Art” Competition starting right NOW and it will only last about one week. It’s called “PANTHEON PANELS”. Here’s the deal:

Submit a one-page comic representing the home you grew up in, but drawn in the style of Chris Ware's “Building Stories”.

Deadline is Friday, March 1st. Winners will be announced/posted on Friday, March 8th.

Please submit your original artwork in a standard image format-jpg, pdf, tif, etc. Images should be RGB, 72-300 dpi, and no larger than 1.5 megs.

Please submit your material to pantheonpanels@randomhouse.com
Good Luck!

Zadie Smith NW Chris Ware Building Stories

If you have been reading this blog for awhile then you might recall a post we did where we mentioned an event called, “LIVE from the NYPL: Building Stories Together” that featured the Authors Chris Ware and Zadie Smith. This public speaking event happened back in December of 2012 and was a CLOSING EVENT for the famous New York City Public Library. Both Authors talked about the art of writing and it was both informative & very entertaining. In fact, the post we did here revolved around a link to the PODCAST that was later posted of the event & if you didn’t get to go to it, then you could listen to it online.

Anyways, this post is about a review of that event. Paulina Reso, a Contributing Editor over at the WILD RIVER REVIEW website, just published a very excellent in-depth story about the event. She gives us an excellent idea on what it was like to be there and also what issues both Authors brought up that were pretty interesting. Her article is very informative. She also includes a bunch of excellent visuals to go along with her writing that are fun to see. ( Thanks Paulina! )

So, please be sure to check it out by clicking right HERE!

Zadie Smith NW Chris Ware BUILDING STORIES Graphic Novel Books

Hey Everybody! For your listening enjoyment we have embedded this excellent recording of Book Authors Chris Ware and Zadie Smith as they recently appeared at the New York Public Library for an event known as “Live From The NYPL”. Following the release of Chris Ware's new Graphic Novel, BUILDING STORIES (Pantheon Books), and Zadie Smith's newest novel, NW (an exploration of a set of characters in a London neighborhood) the two come together on stage to discuss the role of space and place in their own works. The event went really well & it’s quite interesting to hear from these 2 Artists. Also, this thing lasts for almost 2 hours! So, please give it a listen.


Best Graphic Novel Books of 2012 Review  List

Since it’s the end of the year we’re seeing a lot more focus now on “The Best Books of 2012″ and over at the MULTIVERSITY COMICS website we’re very proud to say that 2 books published by Pantheon made the “Graphic Novels” list! We’re talking about Charles Burns’ THE HIVE and Chris Wares’ BUILDING STORIES. To check out their complete list of books that they’re talking about just CLICK HERE!

K-FLAY-Book Review-BUILDING STORIES-Chris-Ware-Graphic-Novel-Book

Down below be sure to check out this dope-fresh video from K.FLAY (Book Reviewer, Blogger, Musician, Artist, Designer, etc…) where she gives her thoughts about Chris Ware’s brand-new Graphic Novel Book, BUILDING STORIES (Pantheon Books). She also makes some wacky-crazy fun music, CLICK HERE to check it out!


McNally Jackson Bookstore NYC NY Chris Ware Chip Kidd Charles Burns

Here’s a fun photo I knew we had to share. In New York City there’s this really great independent Bookstore called McNally Jackson. If you live in or near New York then you need to give them a visit. It’s a really cool place. They’re located at 52 Prince Street, between Lafayette & Mulberry.

Anyways, around the holiday season they always do this very smart thing in their store where they create Table Displays that feature “The Best of…Fiction, Romance, Mystery, etc.” Well, for their “Best Graphic Novels of 2012″ table they gave some special attention to a few books that Designer/Author Chip Kidd is associated with. Seriously, it’s a HUGE honor and we’re really proud of it.

The books we’re talking about are located at the top of the picture: BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN ( DC Comics, Written by Chip Kidd, Art by Dave Taylor ), BUILDING STORIES ( Pantheon Books, Story & Art by Chris Ware ), and THE HIVE ( Pantheon, Story & Art by Charles Burns ). Now, all the other books are really great too so it’s nice to be in such good company. Thank You McNally Jackson, you guys ROCK!!

For Store Location & Hours please visit their website, just CLICK HERE!