Home Library Book Shelf Design

Do you love books? Well, if so then please be sure to check out this photo of an amazing home library I found that is completely insane. I have always loved those “Bookshelf Ladders” that some libraries have. But could you imagine needing a book on the very top shelf, it would be scary to go up there, ha!

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Bookcase Design #1

High-Tech Book Case Shelf Post-Modern Design

Designer Book Shelf Modern Design

Because we are totally crazy goo-goo about our love of reading books and collecting them we sometimes like to feature photos of extremely cool ideas for Book Storage. Here are some examples of some amazing book shelf ideas and special Designer-made shelves.

Also, I have always wanted one of those “Secret Hidden Room” Moving-Bookcases, ha ha!

Secret Hidden Roon Bookcase Book Shelf

Creative Book Shelf Home Decor  Decorating - 1

Here’s a quick post to share some very inspiring ideas for creating a special place to read books in your home. The last one is my personal favorite!

Creative Book Shelf Home Decor  Decorating - chair

Creative Book Shelf Home Decor  Decorating - 2


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OK, I hope the title to this post is not misleading. It’s NOT about clever “Book Design” but more about ways to enjoy reading & storing/displaying books in a clever way. Check out the photos, you’ll see what we’re talking about!

This “READ” Bookcase for the wall is very funny & would make a great weekend project. So, go to your local Home Depot, get some supplies, and then get on it! The next pic shows some interesting “Metal Art Bookends” we came across on Etsy ( the one with the Black Birds is my personal favorite ). Last, but not least, is this amazing new product, the “Reading-Pod”! This device allows you to add a special reading space outside. Yes, go ahead & admit it, you really really NEED it!