Chip Kidd Book Author Quote

OK, in all seriousness, we gotta say that we’re totally honored to be included at Kate Gavino’s LAST NIGHT’S READING Tumblr Page. What is this website and what does she do? Kate visits local book lectures and signings located in New York City and then she does a sketch of the Author she saw at the event and she also includes a famous quote she heard from that person. Awhile back, she saw Chip Kidd at a book event held at the McNally Jackson Bookstore. This was for the release of the latest copy of Vintage Magazine. So, this is what she drew… it ROCKS!!

To see more of her wonderful (and very original) artwork, just CLICK HERE!


Modern Cartoonist The Art of Daniel Clowes Art Museum Chicago

We’re totally excited to announce a major art event happening soon in Chicago. On June 29th (and running until October 13th, 2013) the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago will present an exhibit titled, MODERN CARTOONIST: THE ART OF DANIEL CLOWES.

This major survey, the first museum retrospective of Daniel Clowes's work, presents more than 125 original drawings and artifacts in an elegant, inviting installation combining today's graphic style with shades of a Victorian parlor. A traveling exhibition that first appeared at the Oakland Museum of California Art (the city that Chicago-born Clowes now calls home) the show will be expanded significantly for its MCA Chicago presentation. So, if you’re a fan of this incredible artist then you will not want to miss this show!!

For more information, please CLICK HERE!

 Hide Adam Baumgold Gallery Chales Burns Art





MAY 30 – JULY 26, 2013

Adam Baumgold Gallery presents an exhibition of portraits by Charles Burns that were published on the cover of The Believer magazine between 2003 and 2013. Using ink on paper in a strict 6 by 6 inch format, Burns creates endless variations of texture, lighting, and composition. His stark, black line offers a distinctive take on the tradition of portrait drawing. Over 300 drawings of artists, writers, musicians, animals, comic characters, and historical figures will be included.

Alongside this vast series of Believer portraits is a group of Before & After drawings from Charles Burns's seminal graphic novel Black Hole. In these comic grotesque portraits, themes of adolescent alienation and sexual awakening mingle with imagery of mutation, disease, and violence. Each smiling, yearbook-style portrait is accompanied by a Dorian Gray-like counterpart, picturing the same teenager with some troubling facial alteration.

Charles Burns’s drawings first reached a wider audience through the legendary comics magazine Raw in the 1980s. His graphic novel classic Black Hole, 2005 received the Harvey award. Other earlier cult classics by Burns include El Borbah, Big Baby, and Skin Deep, among others. Burns's drawings have appeared on the covers and in the pages of Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and many other publications, as well as on the album covers of Iggy Pop and others. His work was the subject of a solo exhibition Charles Burns at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, and was included in the exhibition Disparities and Deformations: Our Grotesque at the SITE Santa Fe Biennial 2004 curated by Robert Storr. Burns's forthcoming graphic novel Sugar Skull (Pantheon, 2014) will complete the trilogy of books that include X'ed Out and The Hive-a dreamlike narrative and homage to Tintin and other art that Burns admires. A retrospective of Charles Burns work was exhibited at Museum M in Leuven, Belgium in 2011-2012. Charles Burns lives and works in Philadelphia.

Gallery hours are Tues. through Sat. 11:00 – 5:30 P.M through June, and Tues. – Fri. during July. A preview of the exhibition can be seen by clicking RIGHT HERE! When you get there, click on “Exhibition Schedule” on the top left-hand side of the page. Also, their website shows all the art work at the event and there is way too much to show here. In fact, we sort of limited what we are showing here as “Portraits of Book Authors”, but there are many Movie Actors and other celebrities, a HUGE variety!


Charles Burns Portrait Art Daniel ClowesDaniel Clowes

Charles Burns Portrait Art David SedarisDavid Sedaris

Charles Burns Portrait Art Orhan PamukOrhan Pamuk

Charles Burns Portrait Art Jennifer EganJennifer Egan

Charles Burns Portrait Art Gary PanterGary Panter

Charles Burns Portrait Art Salman RushdieSalman Rushdie

Charles Burns Portrait Art Zadie SmithZadie Smith

Charles Burns Portrait Art Steve MartinSteve Martin

Charles Burns Portrait Art Frank HerbertFrank Herbert

alex ross comic book art artist batman superman marvel

In support of “Heroes & Villains: The Comic Book Art of Alex Ross” now on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA, the museum has recently released this video with a tremendous interview and biography of Alex Ross at his own studio.

This Alex Ross Art Exhibition is on view at Norman Rockwell Museum from November 5th, 2012 through February 24th, 2013. Video produced by Jeremy Clowe for Norman Rockwell Museum. Exhibition organized by The Andy Warhol Museum, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh.

At just three years of age, Ross was drawing TV commercials from memory. By the age of 13 he was scripting and drawing original comic books. Ten years later, Ross was hired by Marvel Comics to illustrate Marvel’s central characters in the comic book event, “Marvels” (1994). His impact on the comic book industry became so powerful that his hugely successful comic book series, “Kingdom Come” (1996), marks the close of the “Dark Age” of comic books, in which pessimism, violence, and gritty stories ruled, into the birth of the “Modern Age” of optimism and strong superheroes. Ross would go on to win the Comic Buyer’s Guide Award for Favorite Painter so many times the award was retired.

Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Chip Kidd Book

Here’s a quick post to share some of the process that goes into making a DC Comics Graphic Novel. As an example we’re using BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN, which was written by Chip Kidd and beautifully drawn by UK Comic Book Artist Dave Taylor. This example mainly focuses on the Joker!

OK, the graphics are being shown in order and they should explain their self pretty good. Here, we get to see how the scripted page starts out as a simple layout and then it grows into a final page.

The first page shows the script sketched out by Chip Kidd and it’s also sort of mapped out with basic dialogue. By the way, this was done on Quark! Then, we get to see Dave Taylor’s blue-line ( non-photograph able ) artwork. This gets approved and then he does his light pencil work in black. Then the next image shows a lot of the deep blacks that are added on top & the art is cleaned up a little bit. OK, this is now scanned into a computer and some digital coloring is added. The last photo is the finished work sort of as it appeared in the book. Pretty cool, huh?!


Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Comic Book Art 1

Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Comic Book Art 2

Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Comic Book Art 3

Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Comic Book Art 4

Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Comic Book Art 5

Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Comic Book Art 6

Batman Death By Design The Joker Dave Taylor Comic Book Art 7

Chris Ware THE NEW YORKER Magaine Covers

Here’s quick post to share some pretty eye candy! Shown here is a nice collection of Chris Ware’s artwork that has appeared on the covers to a few issues of THE NEW YORKER Magazine, enjoy.

THE NEW YORKER Magazine Chris Ware Cover Art

This week please be sure to pick-up the recent issue of The New Yorker Magazine ( Jan 7, 2013 ). For two reasons: 1. It’s an insanely great publication, and 2. Our Friend, the Artist, Chris Ware did the cover art and his artwork, as always, is totally amazing! The “message” of the cover was inspired by the recent Newtown Shooting Tragedy. Plus, it also responds to a previous cover that he did that had a “Back To School” theme and now, the recent event changed his feeling on that. OK, am I making sense here? Sorry, actually Chris Ware wrote a very excellent article explaining everything and how he came about the idea for the new cover and it’s over at the New Yorker website ( link down below).

You can read Chris Ware’s article by visiting this link, THE NEW YORKER.

Oh yeah, here’s an image of his previous cover we mentioned:

Chris Ware Art THE NEW YORKER Magazine Cover Artwork

Dave Taylor Comic Book Convention Batman Joker Art Artwork

Here’s a quick post to share some amazing artwork we came across the other day. This is a recent drawing of Batman and The Joker done by the ultra-talented DAVE TAYLOR. He did this art for a Fan at a recent Comic Book Convention. Now, for the few people who don’t know, Dave was the official Artist for Chip Kidd’s recent Graphic Novel (DC Comics) titled, “Batman: Death By Design”. The art shown here is slightly different than the version seen in that book but it is still a lot of fun. To view more of Taylor’s stuff just CLICK HERE!