Video: TOKYO TOY GUY MOVIE – Vintage BATMAN TOYS at the BAT-CAT MUSEUM in Bangkok!

February 15th, 2014

Tokyo Toy Guy Vintage Batman Toy Collector Movie Bangkok Bat-Cat Museum

This post is the very first major excerpt VIDEO (down below) we have from the TOKYO TOY GUY Documentary Film by our friend, and Director of the movie we should add, Yuji Ueda. Yes, this is the film you have heard about that focuses on different major BATMAN TOY COLLECTIONS from all over the world. It’s crazy cool!!

In this first clip we get to visit another good friend, and Asia’s top Batman collector, Mr.Somchay, at his BAT-CAT Toy Museum in Bangkok, Thailand.

This place is a total dreamland for Batman Fans and I seriously hope to get the chance to go there someday. But hey, here in Yuji’s video we get a totally wonderful tour of the building and all the super-cool vintage toys.
It’s also nice to see “BAT-CAT” speak and move. Please let me explain, ha ha! I’ve been “online friends” with him for many years and to get the chance to see him in real-life (moving and speaking ) is kinda neat. The only way I have known him is he’s a very nice guy and really loves the character, very cool.

Also, Please stay tuned to the CHIPKIDD.COM website because over the next few weeks we will start sharing different segments of the TOKYO TOY GUY Movie. We should also mention that the “New York” segment features an interview with Chip Kidd. Yes, he’s IN the film!

Look for them all coming soon. They will be featured in separate videos, one each for each different city: Manchester, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo & New York.



jason whiton said -

i’m loving this movie project. it’s so fun to see these rare collections. like all of us, i’m completely mesmerized by the colorful graphics and ’66 Batman imagery on these tin toys especially. i tend to collect newer toys from the Animated series and ones that celebrate the earliest version of the character, but hope to slowly collect more Japanese tin and ’66 toys. Batman looms large on my SPY VIBE website, about cold war design and pop culture (almost a million visitors). i do an interview series called For Your Shelf Only, where collectors share their stories and fave discoveries. would love to feature Chip in an interview soon :) Best, -Jason

February 17, 2014 @ 11:04 am • Reply

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