The ART of BOOK COVERS – Photography by Thomas Allen

February 20th, 2013

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 1

Here’s a quick post to share the amazing photography of an Artist named THOMAS ALLEN. What he does is he takes old pulp novels & found vintage books and he cuts them up to create these wonderful 3D “re-constructions”. Think of it like a form of recycling or re-purposing. He gives these old books a new life in a very fun & clever way.

Anyways, just check out the photos here, you’ll see what I mean. His ART is so cool and it’s always fun to look at. To see more of Allen’s artwork please be sure to visit his website, just CLICK HERE! One last thing, if you visit, prepare to start drooling.

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 2

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 3

Thomas Allen Book Cover  Art 4


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