Gilbert Hernandez

#CBLDF Podcast Episode 19: Cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez!

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  • July 2, 2017


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In this episode, the CBLDF PODCAST speaks with cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez (Love & Rockets, Blubber) about his career, his work, and his early inspirations. We discuss reactions to his work and controversies therein, and his personal views on mature content in comics and elsewhere.

Topics: Heavy Metal, Steve Ditko, Katy Perry, Grindhouse Cinema, Classics Illustrated


In support of our ongoing educational work, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is now part of the audio-sphere! A mix of interviews, discussions about current Free Speech events, convention panels recordings, and archival materials, the CBLDF PODCAST will be a monthly event, from our keyboards to your ears. The CBLDF PODCAST is made possible in part by a donation from the Neil Gaiman Foundation and member support.


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