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South Korean Version of GO! A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design by #ChipKidd

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  • November 24, 2015



In a previous post here at CHIPKIDD.COM we mentioned that Chip’s new book, “GO! A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design” (Workman Publishing Company) was gonna be translated into Korean for the book market in South Korea. Well, it has been finished and it’s in stores there now! Also, if YOU would like a copy for yourself then please visit this WEBSITE right here!  

Yes, we can’t read the Korean language either, but it would be a super-fun book to have. They did a great job on the translation and it looks beautiful!


Oh, just in case, here’s the “American-English version” of the book:


BEYOND TELLERRAND Video: Chip Kidd’s Lecture, ! Or ?

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  • November 24, 2015



The Book Designer Chip Kidd was recently honored with being a guest at the 2015 BEYOND TELLERRAND Conference that is held every year in Germany. The thing that’s pretty cool about this event is they document it with really great video coverage. Here is Chip Kidd’s speech he did and, surprisingly, everything went very well, ha ha!

The main focus was the question, “When should design be clear, and when should it be mysterious?” Chip also talks about the future of Graphic Design, mostly his career related to “Book Cover” design, and he also tries to figure out why the Huffingtom Post has called him, “The Meryl Streep of Book Design”… it’s crazy!



POP MATTERS Book Review: Chip Kidd on the Art of the #PEANUTS Comic Strip

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  • November 24, 2015



J. M. Suarez, a Reporter/Blogger over at the POP MATTERS website, recently posted a very in-depth book review on Chip Kidd’s latest book, “Only What’s Necessary: Charles M. Schultz and the Art of Peanuts” (Abrams).

His post was titled “On the Creative Process, the Cultural Impact, and the Legacy of Peanuts” and he did a very good job covering both the book itself and the graphic design elements. Thank you Mr. Suarez !

Readers, please be sure to check it out and also maybe share it on your favorite social media, thanks! 

Here’s a LINK!


lucy Only Whats Necessary Charles M Schulz and the Art of Peanuts Book Chip Kidd



CNN Book Review – Charles M. Schulz and #PEANUTS Still Inspire Wonder!

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  • November 14, 2015

CNN Only Whats Necessary Charles M Schulz and the Art of Peanuts Book Chip Kidd


We wanna give a quick shout-out to Todd Leopold over at the Official CNN NEWS website for creating such a wonderful article all about Chip Kidd’s latest book, “ONLY WHAT’S NECESSARY: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of the Peanuts” (Published by Abrams, in store now).

Todd really went the extra mile with both a wonderfully written story and some amazing graphics. Seriously, he went NUTS with the photos and it’s a great reference for what the contents of this new book looks like! Thanks Todd.

To read the full review please CLICK HERE!


(Blockheads Up Above are Authors, Chip Kidd and Geoff Spear)





#CBLDF DEFENDER Magazine News – Issue #3 in Stores Now!

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  • November 14, 2015



Here is the latest issue of DEFENDER Magazine from the CBLDF non-profit organization. For friends that don’t know that stand for “Comic Book Legal Defense Fund” and they help defend censorship of comics. As a side-note: Chip Kidd is on the Board of Directors.

In this issue: Back to school with comics! Learn how to add comics to the classroom with articles about ways comics teach different types of learners and resources for educators. Superstar creator Raina Telgemeier (Smile,Drama, Sisters) responds to attempts to censor her work in a feature interview. Plus the latest news and analysis on censorship battles raging across the USA! Features a cover by SideScrollers creator Matthew Loux!

You can always view this magazine for FREE either here at CHIPKIDD.COM (posted down below) or, just click here & bookmark, CBLDF.

WASHINGTON POST Book Review – ONLY WHAT’S NECESSARY: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of the #Peanuts

  • date
  • November 14, 2015



Michael Cavna, a reporter over at THE WASHINGTON POST Newspaper Blog, recently posted a book review for Chip Kidd’s latest book, “ONLY WHAT’S NECESSARY: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of the Peanuts” (Published by Abrams and in stores now). The focus of the article is the 65th anniversary of the famous comic strip and it is loaded with a ton of great photos/graphics for you to enjoy. So, please check it out sometime, just CLICK HERE!!






#WTF Podcast: Marc Maron Interviews Graphic Designer Aaron Draplin

  • date
  • November 11, 2015

Aaron Draplin Marc Maron WTF


It’s likely that Aaron Draplin has more passion about graphic design than you have about anything. In a recent WTF Podcast interview (episode 649) Marc Maron visits Aaron at the seat of the empire he created in Portland and finds out how a skater kid from the Midwest worked his way up through Snowboarder Magazine to build his own independent graphic design business from scratch and how he become the go-to guy for some of the country’s most prominent brands.

Here is the complete interview down below and we want to warn everyone that the content contains adult language and might not be safe for work, enjoy:



OK, this is totally unrelated to the WTF event but, once upon a time, Aaron Draplin met Chip Kidd, ha!




STRAND Bookstore VIDEO: Chip Kidd & Patrick McDonnell Discuss Charles M. Schulz and the Art of #Peanuts

  • date
  • November 11, 2015



Join us for a special evening celebrating the life and beloved work of Charles Schulz through “Only What’s Necessary: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of Peanuts” (Abrams), featuring author and designer Chip Kidd and Patrick McDonnell, creator of the Mutts daily comic strip.



HERALD SCOTLAND Newspaper Interviews CHIP KIDD About New #PEANUTS Book

  • date
  • November 11, 2015




In a recent article in their “Arts and Entertainment” section the HERALD SCOTLAND Newspaper interviewed Designer & Author Chip Kidd about his latest book, “ONLY WHAT’S NECESSARY: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of the Peanuts” (Abrams), which is in stores now.

They discuss Chip Kidd having total access to the Charles M. Schulz Museum Archives and the task of how to properly handle so much incredible reference material, the design process, and honoring the legacy of  Mr. Schulz as an Artist. They also briefly talk about the new 3D PEANUTS movie that just hit theaters.

The article is really wonderful and you can read it by clicking RIGHT HERE!


lucy Only Whats Necessary Charles M Schulz and the Art of Peanuts Book Chip Kidd



Weekends with Alex Witt (MSNBC) – Chip Kidd Talks About The #PEANUTS Movie & His New Book

  • date
  • November 9, 2015

weekends-with-alex-witt-chip-kidd-charles-m-schulz-peanuts-art-book(Video down below)

Chip Kidd, co-author of “Only What’s Necessary: Charles M. Schulz and the Art of Peanuts (Abrams),” joins Alex Witt on her MSNBC news show, “Weekends with Alex Witt”, to discuss the transition Charlie Brown makes from the comic strip to the big screen in the new “Peanuts” 3-D movie. They also discuss his new book he co-wrote with Geoff Spear, wow!


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