Welcome to our “Multi-Media” Page. Basically, this is where we share some video clips featuring Chip Kidd-related Interviews, Lectures and Book Trailers. Enjoy, and also, PLEASE SHARE them on your own blog or social media page. Thank you.

Chip Kidd’s TED TALKS Speech #2: The Art of First Impressions – in Design and Life.

Chip Kidd’s TED TALKS Speech #1: Designing Books is No Laughing Matter. OK, It Is.

Chip Kidd: What the Stories Look Like – Conversations from Penn State.

Chip Kidd: Advice for Students.

Chip Kidd: Lecture at the HAMMER MUSEUM, 2013.

DC Entertainment: Chip Kidd Remixes Batman’s First Story.

LA Review of Books Interview with Chip Kidd.

Michael Cho and Chip Kidd Lecture Event – San Francisco, CA.

KNOPF DOUBLEDAY: Chip Kidd on Designing Murakami’s 1Q84 Book Jacket.

Authors at Google: Chip Kidd Talk.

CHIP KIDD presents ARTBREAK “Asymmetrical Girl”.

CHIP KIDD – GO! A Kidd’s Guide To Graphic Design BOOK TRAILER.

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