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Long time fans of both Charles M. Schulz and the PEANUTS Comic Strip should be pretty excited about this news. In Japan they have plans to dedicate an entire building to the art of “Sparky”! This, of course, is the special nickname of the Cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz.  This special place will be known as the SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO and it is opening on April 23, 2016 (architect’s rendering above).

This new museum came about because of  an exhibition of original Peanuts strips and other artifacts from the Charles M Schulz museum which opened in the Mori Gallery on October of 2013 (Photos from that event are posted down below, check out the Replica of Sparky’s real-life Art Studio) and ran through the holidays, closing in January. In those three months the exhibition drew 280,000 fans, demonstrating to the curators of the exhibition that there was a hunger for a world class exhibition of Peanuts art. In other words, Charlie Brown and his friends are loved on a global scale and this facilitated a new location in Japan!



As a Special Side Note:

We are both extremely happy and honored to mention that Chip Kidd will be designing the special catalog for the very 1st exhibition that will be curated by Sparky’s wife, Jean Schulz. The name of the show will be titled, “MY FAVORITE PEANUTS”. This is just 2 months away so please stay tuned to CHIPKIDD.COM for more info!


Another Side Note – Here is Chip Kidd’s Recent ART OF PEANUTS Book:


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