Love Comic Books & Hate Censorship? Join the #CBLDF Today!

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  • April 22, 2015


Comic Book Fans and readers of Graphic Novels know that there are times when these forms of art are under attack. Yes, censorship still exists for comics in 2015! The leading non-profit organization against this is the Comic Book legal Defense Fund. Also known as “CBLDF“.

We would also like to mention that this year’s new logo was drawn/created by the Cartoonist, Michael Cho. Here’s what he had to say, 

“I support the CBLDF because freedom of expression is a fundamental requirement for the creation of art. I take it for granted sometimes but, when I encounter examples of censorship, I am grateful for the organizations that stand in solidarity with artists against the forces that want to take that freedom away from us.”

One way you can join the fight and help protect these books are by joining the CBLDF. They have many different levels of membership and shown down below are just a few of the cool pieces of merchandise they offer members. Check out this T-Shirt and Coffee Mug! They’re cool but they also have other T-Shirts, Artist-Signed Books, Vinyl Stickers, Canvas Tote Bags, etc… So, PLEASE JOIN TODAY!

To show your support, just CLICK HERE!




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