DC Comics’ CONVERGENCE Event Starts TODAY with Variant Covers by Chip Kidd!

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  • April 8, 2015


Convergence Batgirl #1 – Stephanie Brown is struggling with whether she wants to return to the mantle of Batgirl, but an attack by Flashpoint-era Gorilla Grodd and Catwoman forces her to don the cowl once more. Written By: Alisa Kwitney, Artists: Rick Leonardi.





On Wednesday, April 8th, DC Comics is starting a gigantic story line that spans every comic book title in their roster. It will be called “Convergence” and the basic plot is that Superheroes from various timelines will be battling for their version of reality’s place in DC’s multiverse.

The series will start in a special comic book simply titled, Convergence #1, and then that story line will continue inside every single character’s individual book. It’s gonna be EPIC!

The books will come out in a weekly basis and on April 8th there will be ten books to collect (we’re showing you all of them right here).

Now, the thing we would like to report is that DC Comics hired Book Cover Designer Chip Kidd to create ALL the “Variant Covers”! OK, now a few of you “non-comic book collectors” out there may be asking, “What is a Variant Cover”?

A simple explanation would be that the Publisher, DC Comics, every now and then, does this special thing for comic book collectors where they release a comic book with a regular “everyday” cover and then they also print another issue (exact same content) with a special “Variant” cover. The Variant usually features artwork from a well-known Artist who doesn’t normally work on that title.

Now, up above, we are sharing an example of this. The first picture shown is Chip Kidd’s variant cover for BATGIRL #1. The image below that shows what the regular “normal issue” looks like.

OK, check this out! Down below are all the other “Chip Kidd” covers coming out on April 8th. We are also posting a basic idea of the story line you will enjoy in each issue and also information on the Writers and Artists of each book. Also, please feel free to share these images with all your friends/family on your favorite social network. Thanks!



Convergence Batman & Robin #1 – Trapped in one of Brainiac’s dome cities, Batman has to try and escape, as well as keep tensions between Damian Wayne and Jason Todd from spilling over. Written By: Ron Marz, Artist: Denys Cowan.


Convergence Harley Quinn #1 – Is Harley Quinn ready to turn away from a life of normality when Poison Ivy and Catwoman draft her into a fight against Captain Carrot? Written By: Steve Pugh, Artists: Phil Winslade, John Dell.


Convergence Justice League #1 – Supergirl, Zatanna, Vixen and Jade attend Jesse Quick’s baby shower, only to find themselves facing off against Flashpoint Aquaman in a battle to the death. Written By: Frank Tieri, Artist: Vicente Cifuentes.


Convergence Nightwing and Oracle #1 – Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon find themselves finally united, only for their rekindling of romance to be interrupted by Flashpoint Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Written By: Gail Simone, Artists: Jan Duursema and Dan Parsons.


Convergence Speed Force #1 – The Flash family finds itself cut off from its powers at the worst time, as Flashpoint Wonder Woman attacks. Written By: Antony Bedard, Artists: Tom Grummett and Sean Parsons.


Convergence Superman #1 – A powerless Superman is tasked with the defense of Gotham City, as well as his wife — the pregnant Lois Lane. Written By: Dan Jurgens, Artist: Lee Weeks.


Convergence Atom #1 – Ray Palmer starts hearing voices in his head, leading him to believe he is going insane — and setting him down a path that will pit him against the mercenary Deathstroke. Written By: Tom Peyer, Artists: Steve Yeowell and Andy Owens.


Convergence Question #1 – Two-Face finds himself battling another Earth’s Harvey Dent, turning to Renee Montoya to even the odds. Written By: Greg Rucka, Artist: Cully Hamner.


Convergence Titans #1 – Starfire and Donna Troy go looking for Arsenal, after the loss of his arm and his daughter, and find something far worse than they anticipated. Written By: Fabian Nicieza, Artists: Ron Wagner, José Marzan.



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